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Crowns and Bridges

There are several different kinds of crowns offered to restore the natural look of your smile.


If you have a single tooth that has been heavily restored with a dark filling or you have a number of teeth with visible fillings or teeth which are broken then restoring their appearance with a crown might be the ideal solution. Our porcelain dental crowns can rebuild and reconstruct your teeth as well as making them stronger than ever before. Because crowns cover the whole tooth they are an excellent solution for a variety of cosmetic issues and once they are fitted, your teeth look as good as new, restoring your confidence and giving you back your natural smile.

  • Crowns are ideal for protecting a weak tooth from breaking or restoring an already broken tooth
  • Crowns are perfect for covering severely discoloured teeth
  • Crowns are an excellent solution for holding a dental bridge in place.

Crowns can also be used to replace missing teeth. Dental bridges are essentially a series of crowns joined together using high quality ceramic materials and supported by crowns on either side of the missing teeth. Crowns and bridges can act as an excellent alternative to implants or dentures and provide you with a healthy looking set of teeth that will transform your appearance. Modern porcelain dental crowns are often used to replace older crowns and bridges, enhancing your natural smile and overall appearance.


`Thank for what you do for me, my teeth look and feel great. I have my smile back“


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