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Lingual Braces

Hidden Braces: Revolutionary Invisible Braces For Teeth Straightening

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are similar to the traditional braces, except that they are placed behind the teeth (by the tongue and palate), rather than in the front.

Lingual braces offer a cosmetic alternative for those patients who desire to have their teeth straightened but without the braces being visible.

Similar to traditional braces, this product achieves results by applying a gentle and constant pressure on the teeth to gradually shift them into the proper position.

The term ‘lingual’ describes the component of dental braces inside the mouth, on the inner surface of the teeth where they can’t be seen. Lingual braces are less invasive in your daily life.

As the rear end of each tooth has its very own form, lingual braces are custom formed to your mouth.

At Light Lane Dental Practice we are fully trained with Incognito Orthodontic Braces, which are a distinct option, as patients can smile with confidence both during and after treatment. Incognito Braces are completely concealed from sight, and are made with over 60% gold. (For even more details, visit: www.lingualtechnik.de).

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