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At Light Lane Dental Practice we offer a comprehensive range of dental treatments. Please find below a list of services we offer and also links to explain in more depth about each of our dental treatments. With our wide array of dental care services, you and all of your family members will be looked after properly.

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General Dentistry


Dental Check Ups

It is suggested you see us for a check-up every 6 to 24 months to guarantee your teeth as well as your gum tissues are in a healthy state. These regular examinations do not take more than 30 minutes – which is great as…


Dental Hygiene

Oral hygiene is essential for maintaining a healthy, balanced and brilliant smile. By polishing as well as scaling, Light Lane dental practitioners will cleanse your teeth as well as gums, and remove plaque, stains and also calculus…


Single Visit Crowns

CEREC is a product that enables fast dental restoration like never before. Not every dental practice has CEREC because it requires a high initial investment. But at Light Lane Dental Practice, you will be able to have access to and benefit from this….


Gum Treatments

Gum disease is a commonly occurring problem and it impacts more than half of grown-ups with natural teeth. It can be treated by a dental practitioner at the onset and can be entirely reversed. Gum disease is a commonly occurring problem…



Whether the teeth in your mouth are overcrowded, or your teeth are painful, weak, or past the point of repair, in some cases it is essential to completely get rid of a tooth. At Light Lane Dental Practice we can carry out wisdom teeth extraction…


Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is essential when a large tooth cavity reaches the nerves within a tooth, and also subsequently gets contaminated with infection. Such an infection can certainly cause too much pain in your mouth or tooth and this can be very agonising…



Does the idea of visiting a dentist make you overly anxious and drive you feeling scared? We at Light Lane Dental Practice want you to feel confident about visiting us. We are able to offer you with sedation medication that will put….



At Light Lane Dental Practice we provide high quality children’s paediatric dentistry that is delivered in a relaxed and delightful environment. Throughout the ‘developmental’ stage of a child, it is extremely important that a dedicated approach…


Mouth Guards and Splints

Many patients grind their teeth during the night while they are sleeping. Such grinding can cause dental damage. To reduce dental problems, placing a mouth guard or mouth splint during the night can help. Mouth guards…


Emergency Treatment

Are you in pain and do you need emergency dentist in Coventry? Contact us at Light Lane Dental Practice on 024 7622 8108 as early as possible, and we will seek to give you an appointment for the same day.
What can look like a small problem to…

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